Repol | Engineering plastic compounders

Repol started back in 1975, when a Group of professionals in plastic engineering decided to join both their innovative ideas and their experience in the elaboration of technical plastics.

We are an international company, based in Castellón (España), whose core business is the formulation, transformation and commercialization of technical plastics for injection and extrusion.

These are some of our most remarkable distinguishing features when it comes to plastic engineering:

Ready to serve: Tell us what you need and when you need it.
Exclusivity: Our technical team is your technical team.
Power: Highly motivated when facing new challenges.
Oriented to the market: We humanize plastic, evolving at the modern society's pace.
Logistics: Your stock when and where you need it.
Company Policy

Our professional values and commitment make us reach our targets, taking our relationship with customers, suppliers and staff to excellence:

Customer oriented: permanent attitude of respect and concern about our customers￿ needs, both internal and external, providing competitive, efficient, high quality solutions.

Success oriented: All our work aims at new challenge achieving, exceeding expectations.

Flexibility in a changing environment. High capacity of anticipation and response. Reliability both in processes and products.

Commitment and responsibility with every single task we are entrusted as a key element in both the company and our partners￿ success.

Excellence in the supplying process, as far as products and services are concerned, thus meeting customers￿ requirements when it comes to cost, quality and efficiency.

Empathy with partners, customers and suppliers, creating cooperation between different departments.

Polígono Industrial Mijares - Calle Industria, 15
12550 Almazora Castellón - ESPAÑA
+34 964 560 283
Fax: +34 964 563 901

Technical polyamides nylon PA Dinalon Advanced Polyolefins PP Dinaplen Acetal copolymer POM Dinaform Blends styrenics compounds PC/ABS Dinablend Polycarbonate PC Dinaxan Technical Polyester PBT Dinadur ABS Compounds ABS Dinarex PPS Compounds PPS Dinatron