We would like to let you know about how Repol, S.L, through its website, accesses, processes and protects all the data which you provide us with or which are gathered when you complete our different contact forms.

Repol S.L is the owner of the website

In this document you will find all the information about how Repol S.L processes the information received through our website, but not about that gathered through third parties in other websites, even when these are linked to our own website.

When you visit our website, cookies -physical files- are generated in your terminal. As a user, you can set up your browser so that it prevents cookies from being generated or so that it informs you when they are created.

Limiting the use of cookies may prevent the website from properly working, or limit some of its functionalities. However, you may disable and delete cookies from your PC at any time. This is usually done from the ?Tool panel? or from ?Settings? in your browser.

What type of cookies does Repol S.L. website use?

The website of Repol S.L uses both own and third parties cookies in order to improve services, customize the website, make browsing our website easier, provide you with the best experience when browsing our website, identify problems to improve it and create measurements and use statistics.

Own cookies

These cookies are sent to the user?s terminal from a web domain managed by Grupo Repol which provides the user with the service.

  • Log in: The cookies used for logging in allow access to Grupo Repol account, making it not necessary to repeatedly log in when browsing the different pages at

  • Preferences:These cookies allow for recording settings and preferences, such as the preferred language and privacy settings.

  • User's consent:This cookie is included in "acceptance of cookies" and allows for obtaining the user's consent on the use of cookies in our website. Furthermore, it provides information on those users who accepted them so that the text is not shown again, and they can easily continue visiting our website.

Third-party cookies

These cookies are sent to the user?s terminal from a domain which is not managed by Grupo Repol, but by Google Analytics, which processes all the data obtained through cookies in order to help the website record how the users interact with the website and improve its usability.

Google Analytics, is a web analysis service provided by Google,Inc,which will keep and use this information in accordance to what established in its Privacy Policy

This policy on cookies may be modified in accordance to the law in force at the time, or in the case of variations in the type of cookies used in the website. Therefore, we highly recommend reviewing this policy every time you access our website, so that you can have all the necessary information on how and why we use cookies.


Who is responsible for processing your personal details?

Repol S.L.
C/ Industria nº 15, 12550 Almazora, Castellón
964 560 283

What is the aim of the processing of your personal details?

The only aim is that of filling vacancies at Repol S.L.

If we happened to have a recruitment process going on and we considered that the CV you sent us could be good for us, we would either contact you via e mail or via telephone to arrange an interview or we would refer you to the external recruiting agency in charge of the recruiting process in order to centralize all the applications.

If we had no open recruiting processes, we would keep your CV for future processes. Repol S.L would keep your CV for a maximum period of six months, since we consider that you might have by then found another job or have improved your CV some way.

What is the processing legitimization?

In order to process all the personal details in your CV, such as name, surname, studies, etc. we need your prior consent. Otherwise, we will not be able to include your CV in recruiting processes.

Who can we transfer your personal details to in recruiting processes?

Repol S.L. works with different recruiting agencies, and we may transfer your personal details to them depending on the characteristics of the vacancy to be filled. These agencies could then contact you.

Are there any plans for transferring data to foreign countries?

There are no plans to transfer data to foreign countries during recruitment processes.

Which are your rights when you allow us to process your personal details?

  • Access right: This is the information we are providing you with while reading our Privacy Policy:
    which the aim of processing your personal details is, the different categories of data that we process -which, in your case, is the one included in your CV such as name, surname, education, professional experience, etc., addressees, terms for keeping record of your CV, rights, etc.
  • Right of rectification: If you have provided us with incorrect information in your CV, you have the right to modify and/or complete them, as well as the right to send us an additional declaration.
  • Right to erasure: If you do not want us to keep your CV, you have the right to ask us to delete all your personal details from our database (e.g., you have found a new job and will no longer take part in potential recruitment processes).
  • Right to file a complaint with the : Data Protection Agency
  • Other rights: The new regulation provides for new rights, but these will only be applicable to some concrete cases. These are:
    1. Right of opposition: You may not allow the entity responsible for data to process them in the following cases:
      1. When the processing of the data is based on public interest or legitimate interest (For example a contract, your consent), including profile elaboration.
      2. When the data processing is aiming at direct marketing, also including profile elaboration.
    2. Right to the processing limitation: It deals with getting the limitation of data processing by the processing entity, although the full exercise of this right shows two positions:
      1. You may apply for the suspension of the processing of your data
        • When you contest the accuracy of your personal details for a period of time which allows the processing entity to verify them.
        • When you have opposed the processing of those personal details which the processing entity processes on the basis of legitimate interest (e.g. a contract) or public interest mission, while it verifies whether these reasons prevail over yours.
      2. Apply for the keeping of your data
        • When the process is illegitimate, and you have opposed your data suppression, and you apply for the limitation of use, instead.
        • When the processing entity no longer needs your personal details for the purposes of the processing, but the person concerned needs them for the formulation, the exercise or pursuit of claims.
    3. Right of portability: when the processing of your data is carried out through automatized means, you can receive your data in a structured format, of common use, mechanically and interoperably readable and you can transmit them to somebody else in charge of processing, as long as the processing is legitimate on the basis of the consent or within the framework of a contract execution.
    4. Right to not being subject to a decision based only in the automatized processing, including profile elaboration: it aims at guaranteeing that you Will not be subject to a decision based only in the processing of your data, including profile elaboration, which has legal effects or others affecting you similarly.

How you can exercise your rights?

E-mail :
Post :
Repol S.L.
C/ Industria nº 15, 12550 Almazora, Castellón

We at Repol S.L care for the security of your personal information

  • We will always process your personal details in a lawful, legal and transparent manner.
  • We will never use your personal information for any other purposes out of what we are authorized to.
  • We will only use the necessary amount of the information you provided.
  • We will accurately process all the information, correcting any inaccuracies.
  • We will keep your personal details only during the appropriate period of time.


We assume that all the information you provide is accurate. Therefore, when you fill in the form ?Contact us?, we assume that you belong to an organization, company or foundation, and that all the information you provide, such as name, surname and email address are necessary in order to establish relationships of any kind (administrative, commercial, R&D, etc.) with the legal entity you are working for, and therefore stating that these are not personal details, as established in EU Regulation 2016/679, Clause (14).


We assume that all the information you provide is accurate. Therefore, when you register as "User", we assume that you belong to an organization, company or foundation, and that all the information you provide, such as name, surname, email address and country are necessary in order to establish relationships of any kind (administrative, commercial, R&D, etc.) with the legal entity you are working for, and therefore stating that these are not personal details, as established in EU Regulation 2016/679, Clause (14).


  • Accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided.

    When you submit information to Repol S.L, you are solely responsible for its accuracy and truthfulness, as well as for correcting inaccurate information, if any. Repol S.L will take no responsibility whatsoever for inaccurate information. You are responsible for the personal details you provide, and you commit yourself to keeping them updated accordingly. You therefore commit to always provide us with truthful and accurate information in all the different registration forms.
    REPOL S.L. will not be held responsible for any inaccurate external information, nor for potential consequences arising from the use of that information.
    REPOL S.L. Will not be held liable for any damage that you could suffer arising from errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by REPOL, S.L., as long as this information is provided by sources outside the control of REPOL S.L.
  • Computer security measures.

    REPOL S.L., in accordance to its Security Policy, has taken the following measures, among others: cutting-edge firewalls, access control for personal details, restricted users and other systems aiming at avoiding misuse, tampering, unauthorized access and data theft.
    REPOL, S.L. will not be held responsible for potential damage claims arising from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer virus, telephone line malfunctions or shutdowns in the electronic system for reasons beyond the control of the company, nor for delays or blockings in the system caused by overloads in the CPD (Data Process Center), in the internet system or in other electronic systems, nor for damage caused by third parties by means of illegitimate interferences beyond the control of Grupo Repol, S.L.

Polígono Industrial Mijares - Calle Industria, 15
12550 Almazora Castellón - ESPAÑA
+34 964 560 283
Fax: +34 964 563 901

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