We at Repol make our quality standards exceed all regulations, in all our design processes and manufacturing, to achieve excellence focused on our costumers' satisfaction. Our quality policy, global commitment in the whole organization, aims at:

The satisfaction of our customers' needs through our activity development, formulation, processing and marketing of technical plastics, as well as the compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements affecting the process.

The optimal management of our technical and human resources in the continuous effectiveness and efficiency improvement of processes and services.

Repol undertakes to transform plastics environmental respectfully, preserving nature for oncoming generations and trying to satisfy customers and also the community where it is located, offering plastic raw materials with environmental value.

Since 1991 we have been working under the ISO 9001 certified standards and the ISO-14001 environmental standards.
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Polígono Industrial Mijares - Calle Industria, 15
12550 Almazora Castellón - ESPAÑA
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Fax: +34 964 563 901

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